Best Periwinkle Ground Cover for an Aesthetic Touch

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Periwinkle is a small, evergreen, perennial plant that has creeping habits. It is not uncommon to see periwinkles creeping down hillsides or walls. Periwinkle is most commonly used as periwinkle ground cover.

white periwinkle ground cover

Classification and Botanical Aspects of Periwinkle Ground Cover

The scientific name of Periwinkle is Vinca minor. Other common names include “Periwinkle” and “Creeping Myrtle”. Although there are many colours, the most common colour of periwinkle is blue, other colours maybe lavender, white and purple. The plants have 30 varieties of which a few have variegated leaves.

vinca minor periwinkle ground cover

Blooming Season and Periwinkle Ground Cover

The common blooming season for periwinkles in spring, the plant may also bloom in summer but the summer bloom is not as great as the spring one. Periwinkles sprawl on the ground. The maximum height they reach is 3 to 6 inches. Since, they have creeping habit, there stems trail for 18 inches. Their stems join at point to form a groundcover which looks extremely pretty.

variegated periwinkle ground cover

Growing Periwinkles

Once established in the landscape properly, periwinkles flourish rapidly. They are drought resistant and do not require much water.

  • Before sowing, tall weeds must be removed from the area. After growing, periwinkles will themselves prevent weeds from growing in the area.
  • The best soil for growth of periwinkles in acidic It requires shade for growth. However, it can also grow in variety of soils and sunlight.
  • Periwinkles grow vigorously and thrive in all kinds of soils. Before growing, you must be sure that you want them. It is not easy to remove them if they have established themselves.

planting periwinkle ground cover

The flowers of periwinkle are deer-resistant and rabbit-resistant. There are not many pests that can damage the plant. So, no extensive care is needed for the plants. Periwinkles can be damaged by blight.


Where to Grow Periwinkles

Periwinkles are not exactly high maintenance plants. Just give them plenty of air and light and they will grow non-stop. These plants can also grow well on ground with tall bushes. For aesthetic purposes, they are grown as window sill plants.

periwinkle plant

One thing which you must keep in mind is that periwinkles are somewhat invasive plants. It is very hard to stop them once they start growing. So, before planting them, you must make a sure decision about wanting them to grow in a particular place.
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