Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen is of the most integral pat of a house. Quite often, the kitchen sink is overlooked during designing of the house. This is a grave mistake since the sink is where you will have to do most kitchen tasks. A well-suited and well-designed kitchen sink is a necessity for any house.

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Materials Used

Kitchen sinks are made up of two basic materials.

  • Ceramic
  • Stainless Steel

Choosing the material depends on the existing style of your house of you personal preferences.

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Styles of Sinks

The sinks maybe flat or deep. While the flat ones offers more style, deep ones have better functionality. With the flat ones, splashing is inevitable during washing the dishes. In deep sinks, you can also keep your dirty dishes. It has more storage space to contain a larger number of dishes. Also, it offers a splash-free washing experience.

under kitchen sink storage

There is also an option of choosing a single or double sink. Double sinks have the advantage of more storage. You can also wash the dishes in one part and keep the clean ones in the other one. Single sinks have their own advantage too. You can add a wooden cutting space with you single sink. In increases functionality and enhances style.

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Decorating your Kitchen Sink

Once you are done with the initial installation of the sink, you have to glam it up a little. Most sinks have a window at the back. To add a Bohemian and cool vibe, you can hang sheer lace curtains over the window. Curtains with polka dots or tassel detailing also work just fine.

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Keep some fake plants or even real plants on the window sill. It will be easier to remember to water them since you come to the sink at least once a day. You a grow colourful potted plants to add a pop of colour to the otherwise boring space. If you feel a little too adventurous, go ahead and hang a dreamcatcher there. It’s feathers will ruffle with the wind and create a soothing atmosphere in the working space. A dreamcatcher with little bells will also provide a calming background music.

stainless steel kitchen sink

Always keep a little space between the sink and your kitchen countertop. This is the place where you keep all your kitchen necessities such as dish washing liquid and dish rags.

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