Concrete Statues – an Epitome of Grace

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Gone are the days when concrete statues were put up only to honour soldiers. Back in the day, concrete was used to build monuments. It was also used to make statues of important people such as freedom fighters or authors. These days, concrete is still being used to make statues. However, these statues are made for a completely different purpose. They are being used to decorate houses and gardens.

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Components of Concrete Statues

Concrete is made up of a variety of materials with cement being the fundamental ones. Other elements include water, gravel and sand. Lime is baked and mixed with water. Then, all the other ingredients are also mixed with large concentration of cement.

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Concrete is mainly used because of it’s significant features. It is weather-resistant and long lasting. The best thing about concrete is that it costs less but is compact and durable.

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Types of Concrete Statues

Concrete Statues are most commonly placed in gardens, front porch or the patio. You can keep a concrete statue on the entrance of your house. It  adds a touch of art and elegance to the house. Moreover, it attracts attention for every visitor be it family or friends. These statues can also be placed in any other part of the garden. It makes the garden look more like designer-planned.

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If your garden has a theme, concrete statues can also be used to accentuate this theme. For example, a religious statue placed in the garden makes the garden look serene. It makes the perfect place for meditation or to just relax.

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There are many kinds of statues that are being used these days. These include fairies, humans, especially children, and animals. Some people also fancy having statues of mythical creatures in their patio. These statues are for decor purposes. Other than that, the owner of the house may also have a special attachment to the statue.

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How to Paint Concrete Statues

Concrete Statues do not need to look boring and colourless. To add life to them, you can paint these sculptures. Start with a primer to ensure that the pain sticks properly and lasts long. Then apply the first coat. Leave the statue for drying for at least a day. After it has dried, then you can apply the second or third coat.
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