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We all have the love of nature in us. While, some people are lucky enough to have spacious gardens, others do not have this luxury. There is a solution to this dilemma too. If you do not have a large space or resources, you can still grow trees. Satisfy the inner nature lover by growing dwarf peach tree. There are many fruit trees that have generic qualities of being short. These include peach, apple and apricots. Their DNA makes them grow small but with heavy branching. Normal sized fruit grows on these trees. These trees are fit for those gardeners who only have space in their terrace or balcony.

semi dwarf peach tree

If you are patient and diligent, you will get the fruit. In the mean time, you can just enjoy the beautiful colours of the leaves.

Variety of Dwarf Peach Tree

One famous strain is the Prunus persica. It is commonly known as Bonanza. This tree starts producing leaves at the start of March. These blooms are hot pink and radiate the essence of spring. These leaves give way to peaches in late summer. Like other varieties, this plant also needs a vernalisation periods. This is the period during which  temperature is from 32 to 45 degrees. So, it can take a plant up to a few years to give it’s first fruit.

Another variety is the Alberta Peach. This dwarf peach is very famous for it’s taste and exuberant colour.

semi dwarf peach tree varieties

Growing Dwarf Peach Tree

The best soil for growing dwarf peach trees is a soil which retains moisture. The soil must be well-drained but not heavy. Peach trees need full sunlight to yield good quality fruit. Bright sunlight also prevents any disease from infecting the plant.

semi dwarf peach tree spacing

Dwarf peaches have varieties that are frost-resistant. So, if you live in areas with hazards of frost, plant those particular plants. For best growth, these trees require large amounts of organic matter. Keep putting organic fertilisers to ensure sufficient growth.

semi dwarf elberta peach tree

Risks and Harvesting

The peach trees are at great risk from insects. To protect them from insects and pests, install a wire around the tree. Check everyday to make sure that their is no pest attack. The peaches will grow on the tree in summer. Harvest the fruit when the colour is bright and the fruit pulls away easily from the tree.

self pollinating dwarf peach tree

redhaven dwarf peach tree

red haven semi-dwarf peach tree

red haven semi dwarf peach tree

peach dwarf tree

july elberta peach tree dwarf

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dwarf patio peach tree

dwarf elberta peach tree

dwarf bonanza peach tree

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