French Balcony Decor aka False Balcony

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For making a perfect house, there are several things that are essential. Other things are just included to add to the splendour of a house. Among these things is a Balcony. Sometimes knows as a terrace or a veranda, a balcony is a common feature of modern houses.

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A balcony is basically a platform which is enclosed by a wall or railing. The residents of the building can go to this platform from the top floor. Normally, there is a door or window leading to the balcony.

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What is a French Balcony?

As the name suggests, a French Balcony is part of the French Architecture. It is also called a false balcony because it isn’t like conventional balconies. Normal balconies have a door that opens to the platform outside. You can stand there or maybe keep chairs there for enjoying the view.

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On the other hand, a French balcony opens to the railing outside. You can use it to look at the scenery outside or at the courtyard below.

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Functions of a French Balcony

A French balcony is merely for aesthetic purposes. It brings out the colour and elegance in a house. It allows for sculptural excellence without using any inside space. A French Balcony can also be used to enjoy the view outside. Since there is not much space, the viewer has to stand on the inside of the room. In some cases, there is enough space for a person to stand outside. But, care must be taken in this regard.

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Making a French Balcony in your House

Modern take on architecture is a minimalistic one. People tend to make houses that do not take up much space but are beautiful. For this, a French Balcony is the perfect choice. When installing a balcony, you can get the railings of contrasting colours. The colour must match with the colour of your walls. The style of railings must also be in accordance with that of your house.

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To make the whole thing even more beautiful, you can use flowers. Simple grow potted plants or tendrils. They grow along the railings and the walls. These flowers make the entire balcony fresh smelling and exuberantly colourful.

French Balcony is the new fad in architectural market as it is minimal yet graceful.
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