The Glamour of a Round Bed

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There was a time when furniture was only meant to serve the purpose it was made for. Today, furniture has the additional task of being a decor item. Round or Circle beds are not exactly the newest edition to room furniture. However, not many people have embraces this trend. Still, it is indisputable that round beds brighten up the look of any bedroom.

round swing bed

Why choose Round Beds?

Why not? Round beds are not only different but they also bring sophistication to a room. There are many ways to place round beds in the room.

  • The bed can be placed against the wall just like a normal bed.
  • You can place the bed in the middle of the room.
  • Place the bed at one corner of the room.

round sofa bed

Placing the Round Bed against the wall

Placing the bed against the wall in the conventional way is the easiest thing to do. You can hang a tapestry behind the bed to complete the look. Other than that, you can also hand vinyl records, mirrors or antique plates. All these decoration pieces will further enhance the look of any bedroom.

round rattan swing bed

If you have the budget, you can install a wooden wall behind the bed. It adds texture to the whole living space.

round queen bed

Placing the Round Bed in the Middle

Now, that is a bit of a gutsy thing to do. When you keep your bed in the centre of the room, it gives you more room other furniture. You can lay a rug behind the bed to fill up the space. It is best to keep the bed in front of a window. The curtains, in contrasting colours to the bed’s headboard, bring in a regal taste to the room.

round platform bed

Placing the Round bed on a Corner

The best way to make excessive storage space is to place the bed in the corner. It leaves ample space in the room for other furniture such a dresser or even a study desk.

round pet bed

Round beds are mainly wooden with headboards ranging from wood to fibre. The fibre headboards are often tufted which increase the grace of the whole bed. Round beds are a great choice for this era. They are associated with luxury hotel rooms and celebrities’ bedrooms. Indeed, the perfect way to being opulence and elegance to your house.

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