Sheer Curtains Ideas; A Display of Opulence

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Thinking of curtains ma brings big, heavy and dull looking fabric to one’s mind. However, thus is not the case with sheer curtains? Sheer curtains are the new trend in house decor that most people absolutely love.

yellow sheer curtains

Why Choose Sheer Curtains?

There is no reason to not use sheer curtains in your house. These curtains, when hung over the window, block the excessive sunlight. They only let in gentle streams of light which adds to the ambience of a bedroom. So, it provides elegance while also offering privacy.

white sheer curtains

In places other than a window, sheer curtains dress up the whole room with their elegance. They bring a modern twist in the whole decor of any room. When hung in the entrance of the house, they appear as welcoming and attractive.

walmart sheer curtains

Colours to Choose From

White is the most used and loved colour when it comes to sheer curtains. In the sae palette, ivory and other muted tones are also given preference over any bright shades.  Luckily, there are other colours available too for those people who might not love white to much. To match the essence of the fabric, most colours are in lighter tones. This includes gray, lighter hues of purple, pink and even maroon.

teal sheer curtains

Slightly darker colours like shades of gray and purple let in little light. They also offer more privacy and accentuate the already bold colour scheme of the room. If you style is Bohemian, white is the perfect choice as it is minimal yet stylish.

silver sheer curtains


Sheer curtains come in plenty of designs. The more flamboyant ones have tassel or motif embellishments on them. This added detailing makes the curtains look adorable. Some curtains may have polka dots or floral pattern detailing on them too. These ones go perfectly in any girl’s bedroom as they create a feminine atmosphere.

sheer window curtains

Possibly, the best sheer curtains are lace sheer curtains. These often come with yellow or light pink floral prints that brighten up the room instantly.

sheer white curtains

Where to Hang Them

Sheer curtains go in a variety of places around the house. The major one, ofcourse,is the window. Other than that, you can also hang them:

  • On entrance to a closet
  • On a door
  • Over the Bathroom Window
  • In the dining room

sheer shower curtains

sheer panel curtains

sheer linen curtains

sheer kitchen curtains

sheer grommet curtains

sheer floral curtains

sheer door curtains

sheer curtains

sheer curtains bed bath and beyond

sheer cafe curtains

semi sheer curtains

red sheer curtains

purple sheer curtains

pink sheer curtains

pinch pleated sheer curtains

orange sheer curtains

navy blue sheer curtains

lacy sheer curtains

lace sheer curtains

jcpenney sheer curtains

ikea sheer curtains

grey sheer curtains

green sheer curtains

gold sheer curtains

embroidered sheer curtains

blue sheer curtains

black sheer curtains

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