A Tandem Garage and Its Types

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On the off chance that you have to park more than one vehicle, you clearly require a greater garage. Customarily, this implies that the garage width must be made sufficiently enormous to park the other vehicle, enabling it to be parked parallel to the first. Nonetheless, building a more extensive garage may not be feasible for everybody.

two car tandem garage

On the off chance that you can’t expand your garage along the side, make it greater longitudinally. Therefore, a tandem garage is developed by making it longer.

tandem style garage

Since tandem garages save money on width prerequisites, they take into consideration much smaller development of houses. This can fundamentally eliminate the plot territory required for the development of a house, along these lines bringing down the lodging cost. The width of the carport going towards a tandem garage too continues as before as that going to a conventional single-car garage, which additionally saves money on development cost.

tandem garage

As the cars are parked behind one another in a tandem garage, all things considered, to evacuate the internal car, the external car must be moved off the path first. This is the greatest downside of tandem garages, and the motivation behind why they haven’t moved toward becoming as well-known as one would anticipate. One answer for this issue is to add an extra way to the back of the carpark. Notwithstanding, this isn’t conceivable if the space at the backside of the plot is constrained.

tandem garage plans

Types of Tandem Garages

Contingent on the quantity of vehicles required to be parked inside them, tandem garages can be developed of various sizes. The two types mentioned below are the most widely recognized setups of tandem garages.

tandem garage ideas

This is the most well-known type of tandem garage. As appeared in the above figure, in it, two vehicles can be parked one behind the other. Seen all things considered, it shows up as a conventional single-car garage.

tandem 3 car garage

As the name itself shows, this type of tandem garage is intended to park three cars. From the picture, it can be seen that in such garages, two vehicles are parked in a steady progression, while the third one is parked parallel to the first. The front entryway of the garage can be made sufficiently wide to enable the third vehicle to be entered, or an extra entryway can be given.

6 car tandem garage

4 car tandem garage

3 car tandem garage

2 car tandem garage



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